Experience design specifically cheatsheet for gamification.

Inspired by Octalysis

You've found it! Yu-Kai's full list. I do not own this content but I DID put in some good sweat gathering all of this content together. Save your time and accelerate your gamification project. Download it or just bookmark this page for reference.

complete the set 73!

Find a blank mech and if you can fill in the details I'l give you lifetime accelerator access for free.

A cheatsheet for designing user experiences.

Acceleration Playbook

What works, schedules, and everything that didn't are outlined step-by-step here.

Business Case Template

Prepare a better case for stakeholders, bosses, and investors. Use this template to sell your project.

Instant Rewards Cheatsheet

Gamification is the hook, but you need more than a cookie for the reward.