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Success Tool

The Success Project

The simple magical system for success for self data enthusiasts

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If you want success choose to be better than average.

Are you becoming happier over time?
Are your mind and body performing better?
Are your days more productive than they were a year ago?

Happiness, performance, productivity, wellness, and many other variables are key desires to every lifestyle. It is tough because while defining and improving them is complex, confusing, and a chaotic processes.

We usually make decisions hoping they lead progress towards our goals. To make matters worse, we judge success based on imperfect and biased feelings.

Start collecting data to help with focus and define success… The self-data becomes a distracting mess and a bigger stressor. The same with new wave of awesome habit and behavior trends.

The Beginner’s Guide to Quantified Self (Plus, a List of the Best Personal Data Tools Out There)

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Presenting a new system that uses recent innovation in Gamification + Productivity + Behavior design to deliver a self improvement experience for 2019.

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Goal: zap procrastination, poor diet, boredom & Distraction


Watch out nice average guys and girls meet your future self. 


Have fun achieving your success

Fight boredom and unlock you fulfilling accomplishements

Simple usability and awarding to use everyday

If you are struggle with

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