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Crash Course (Landing)

Beginner course for entrepreneur kids

Inspire your kid to come up with business ideas and learn entrepreneur thinking.

Is this a good business idea?

Kid have new ideas in bunches, and its up to parents to help them decide which ones are in their best interest. Can you decide if the idea is viable and a good fit for child?

How do I protect my kids?

Decision making, planning and strategy. and judging the idea complete or not. Oh and do not to forget the courage to sell. You need to prepare kids for startup business experiences.

What is the personal risk?

Most parents have a full plate. A startup business is risky to your time and money. The big question is how much, time and money is at risk?

When kids are thinking 'I want to start a business' what do parents think?

"We want to put our allowance money together to start a candy selling business this summer."

Starting a business is hard, but doing so as a parent is a different kind of an adventure.

I tried to parent - coach my own kids on their first business

I struggled...

Different learning styles

Lecture-style teaching does not work well with kids of the current generation. My kids wanted structured activities, gamification and were used to many other modern learning techniques.

Deciding what to buy

Kids businesses need decision making and prioritizing even if the kids are not equipped with the resources to do either.

Finding resources for kid entrepreneurs

Experience is the best teacher. Luckily we found a community entrepreneur program, in our area.

Entrepreneur language

My kids wanted to set up the business, they just did not know fundamentals. You have to be able to explain startup to a 4th grader.

Biggest struggle!

Kids not inspired about their idea

My kids just knew they wanted to make money and be the boss. I needed to teach them how to think like an entrepreneur.

How to spot entrepreneur talents in your kid.
Identify several characteristics of entrepreneurship and what they look like in childhood.
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What parenting styles make entrepreneurs?
Studies show that more people aged 18 to 34 want to start a business or have already started one.
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Play & discovery activities that inspire entrepreneurship
Big list of games, challenges and books. Some FREE some paid.
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Kids learn their own passions

Gain a new view of their world.


Kids find reward in doing the right thing even when no one else is looking. 

Positive attitudes shifts

More appreciation less entitlement.

Family business... family bonding

Life long memories and life lessons.

Beginner course for entrepreneur kids

Course Syllabus

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Remote online course

Kid-friendly technology

Gamified challenges

Money back guarantee

Be an Entrepreneur Course

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