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Making a product

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I speak of finding your inspiration as the key to the start of you biz idea, more so than making money.

I have long envisioned making my own product so that I can have a shareable, sellable thing that solves a problem. As a graphic designer I felt bored designing pretty looking aesthetics for causes that did not really inspire me. For my role The work was more critical than outcome.

I started identifying small problems in my life and I made a big long list.

Then I wrote in what would be most impacted if I solved that problem.

So it look like this…

Now I have a clear inspiration, and I am ready to test ideas for delivering a solution to those problems.

This will start with clearly planning what skills, strengths and resources that I have that allow me to deliver an impact. That’s next time…for now I will narrow down this list to 2 or three problems to solve.

This will allow me to really nail down what I value I can get from the success of this product.

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