Jordan learns that business is not just fast money

Kid Summer Biz Kamp gives entrepreneurship lessons told through kids stories.

Jordan is a hard worker. The little girl keeps herself busy every second of every day. She has a hundred ideas a day and she works on her plans and ideas likes to draw. She can draw great!

She once thought up a new idea for a tennis shoe and it only took her one afternoon to draw it. She can just sit at her drawing table put on her headphones on and jam out while she draws anything.

So when she saw her best friend sporting new sneakers she just had to have her own pair of new sneakers this summer. She was talking with her cousin about her money problems and heard about how much money he made mowing lawns. She quickly made up her mind to start her own lawn service.

Jordan drew up some flyers and started putting them out on doors and trees in her neighborhood. Making the flyers was a cinch. ‘Business is so easy’, she thought, ‘I’ll be picking up my new shoes in no time’.

But after being out putting up flyers all day, Jordan felt so tired and sick.

“Working is hard! I can’t cut grass all day in the sun. I can’t do this.” Jordan got sad and worried about her new problem for a while. After flipping through the pages in her old drawing book she saw one of her old ideas, ‘Aha!’, she shouted, “I’ve got it. I’m going to design my own lawn mower!”

And off she went, reading and learning, and trying things out. A week passed. Jordan solved or worked around problem after problem. In the end, she tried to invent the first remote control lawn mower that you can drive from indoors.

Jordan stuck a tiny blade under her remote control car and made it spin.

It had all kinds of problems, if the grass was too tall the wheels wouldn’t roll, the blade would sometimes not cut any grass, and her car and remote control would require new batteries often. And they were expensive. But still thinking of the shoes she wanted so much, Jordan went on with the lawn busines hopeful and confident in her device.

Calls started flooding in from her flyer drop. “Hey, Jordan. I saw your posters and I need someone to cut my grass. Can you do it?”, the neighbor Mr. Beal asked.

“Yes!”, she said, and she rushed right over. “I have a invention, you’ll be my first client. ” she exclaimed. She pulled out the car.
He scratched his head.
“Are you sure that little thing can cut my grass, Jordan?”, He asked again.

“Sure, watch this!” Jordan set the car down, and ran back home to man the controls.

She let it run and when she came back down the street to Mr. Beals he was red hot mad.

The car had shredded his flowers, and tore up most of his othe lawn decorations. The tires got stuck when it got to the grass tires got and the blade fell off so his grass was still all undone.

On the walk Jordan walked home and began to think of where it went wrong.

Jordan finally realized that her business idea didn’t come from the right place. She wanted new shoes so much that she was only after fast money and forgot that you have to work in a business.

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