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Core Drive 1

Calling Out Epic Meaning & Calling


Involves publicly acknowledging and celebrating a user's achievements or contributions.

The Calling Out technique can help create a more competitive, personalized, and exclusive environment that fosters trust and credibility, encourages social sharing, and motivates users to continue participating and contributing.



Social Media

Increase engagement with followers

For example, you can give shoutouts to followers who have been particularly active on your page or who have shared your content. This can motivate them to continue engaging with your content and can encourage them to share it with their own network.
Corporate training

Recognize employee's progress and achievements

For example, when a trainee completes a certain number of lessons or earn a new certificate. This can motivate users to continue learning and can encourage them to share their achievements with their peers.
Personal Self Care & Wellness

Build a good habit

For example, you could recognize yourself for making small improvements in your self-care routine, such as drinking more water or taking a few minutes each day to stretch. This can help you stay motivated and focused on your goals.
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