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Business Course Game Show Program

A new approach to remote learning

Games, course & learning tools to inspire and teach kids about entrepreneurship

Indoor activities

At-home learning

Positive Screentime

Bonding Activities

useful screentime

Kids need better options for their device time

untapped talent

When regular school work can't fulfill them

confidence boost

New connections for shy kids and introverted kids

CEO guidance

Encouragement for hard working go getters

Program Features

In our approach we incorporate gamification, modern design and online technology to teach and inspire kids. 

Crash Course

You get access to our catalog of digital teaching tools:

Game show

after our program 1 out of 5 past contestants wanted to start a business


 All packages include 1 mentoring session.
Casual learners may choose to opt out of future contact.

Parents frequently want to know...

Tackling the big problems teaching kids at home.

Our founder was made for this mission. It just so happens that I spent 14 years as a practicing entrepreneur (starting up 2 businesses) and 3 years as as an instructor. My Mom was a professional at both teacher and entrepreneur.

If you are like me your kids stick to extracurricular like water and oil. Before you have to invest all of your free time energy, our project is a perfect practice experience to see if they like doing business before doing business.

Our course was developed over 3 years of study and research. It was also built upon further study on online course development, facilitation and direct user research with my kids.

Entrepreneurship tools & video calls at home

Inspiring and fun kids entrepreneurship program

Behind the scenes

Founder. Maker. Host

Rodney Echols
The entrepreneur Dad

I am the founder and CEO of Bright Clew. I started down this journey of building a kid focused entrepreneur program after chores and allowance failed to inspire my 3 boys. My wife and I also struggle with the pains of parenting in the Pandemic.

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