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Amazon Fulfillment Center Tour

You are invited to a Field Trip.

I visited an Amazon Fulfillment Center 3 weeks ago with work and WHOA!.  It was such an inspiring experience that I want to get a group of parents together so that we can share this experience with our kids.

Photo of the entrance at an Amazon Fulfillment Center. Photo source KT Rama Ro Twitter account

UPDATE!! – 7/11/2019
The Amazon team has provided me with a reservation date and time on Friday, August 23 at 11 a.m.

My apologies if  the change in plans conflicts with some of your schedules, but our Amazon rep just let me know that our Houston location is all booked for July and they only do tours on week days. I will be sending you an email to confirm that you still able to attend the field trip on that day, but we need to move fast. Please reply via email by Wed. 7/14 or email me directly at

Thanks so much! Bright Clew

Self-driving go karts that can carry bookshelves, see for yourself...

Just about everyone has ordered something from Amazon these days. The fulfillment center is the warehouse and assembly line where your website orders transform from pictures and text, into actual boxed goods.

This is not just a boring talking tour. You get to see the amazing technology that allows this company to process orders from all over the world and ship them to your door in 2 days. There are robots, over 1 million pieces of inventory and more than 6  football fields of warehouse space. It is a very unique educational experience for entrepreneur types, shoppers and technical types.

Amazon offers tours free of charge where you can go and see the the journey that your items follow after you click “Purchase” on the website.

The Amazon Fulfillment Center is located at 10550 Ella Blvd, Houston, TX 77038.

Each guest will be responsible for their own transportation, we can meet at the location. 

These are general guidelines provided by Amazon, Please read !!

  • Group tours must be 20 or more guests
  • For students, we need one chaperone for every five students
  • For tour safety, all children must be over the age of six.
  • Photography is not allowed on the tour.
  • All guests above the age of 18 must bring a valid government-issued ID.
  • This tour goes through an active fulfillment center.
  • All guests must wear flat, closed-toe and closed-back shoes (no sandals, clogs or high heels). We recommend wearing comfortable shoes/sneakers.
  • Additionally, long hair must be pulled above the shoulders and long-hanging jewelry, scarves, and ties are not permitted.