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Imagine a World...

Without us things would go on just as they are. Without us things people would go to bed and with no memory of their day because nothing interesting happened. People would grow up and forget to be amazed.They will let years pass without learning anything new. Worst of all they will let years pass and forget they are worthy of special attention.

Our Mission

make products and experiences that are less ordinary

At Bright Clew we believe creativity, design thinking, and life skills are critical to human experience. We are a designers and strategists who believe that our edge it make smiles… even on hard challenges. We share our knowledge and experience as our gift for the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

We work to influence  and inspire and entrepreneurs in their home life by using fun and experience design so that they are able to commit to more of their ideas. 

...and this is the guy you have making the donuts?

Rodney Echols - Head Producer/Fun Coordinator/Doodler

I am a producer, sketchnote illustrator, sideproject entrepreneur, and family man. I work for entrepreneurs by teaching, making and inspiring others to enjoy their work experience.

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